Letter From Craig Larsen

Stadium Event Day Alternate Soccer Fields – Facts Ignored

Several sources are stating or implying falsely that the SCUSD were in negotiations with the 49ers to provide event day alternate soccer fields:

“And that offer was made to the school district….”

“Needless to say, any discussions with SCUSD ended with the litigation”


“The talks broke down, however…”

At the March 25 Council meeting SCUSD President Christine Koltermann stated: “… there has been no discussion at any school board meeting, in closed or open session, about any proposed agreement with the 49ers regarding the use of school district fields for youth soccer.”

Any proposal, talks, or offer regarding SCUSD land must be placed on the SCUSD Board meeting agenda. At NO time did a SCUSD agenda item include the 49ers offering to provide alternate soccer fields on SCUSD property. The 49ers simply dropped the issue, making no public proposal.



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