Letter From Chris Smith

The Milestones column urges maximum development of the Mariani property to “reward our City and the Mariani family” and implies that only a disgruntled few neighbors are against it. I am a neighbor who has noticed over the last 30 years that it is invariably the people running the city who say growth is good – most residents I know brace themselves for resisting the densification that is steadily happening. We feel this way because we know that, even as the city leaders are saying “preserve the neighborhoods,” driving the streets is more aggravating, and walking is less pleasant. Many residents (undoubtedly most) don’t have economic interest in making Santa Clara larger with more people, cars and tax base. Quite the opposite – to us this is a place to live. If a developer comes in to “revitalize” a place, that’s a code word for longer lines and less parking.