Letter from Chris Smith

Regarding your Speaking Out piece “Why the Housing Crisis will Continue”, you seem to blame the City Council for going slow on El Camino growth. This is ironic for many of us who believe the City Council has been pro-growth for decades, despite outcries from residents. There is a regional issue of unaffordable housing that can be laid at the feet of rampant business expansion, not NIMBY-ism. Civic and regional organizations could give incentives to corporations to expand in Morgan Hill, Novato and Fairfield instead of right here in ground zero of the South Bay … or better yet, Reno NV. There is a legitimate question of how much density is desirable. The farmers of 100 years ago would find today’s valley shockingly dense, and if pro-growth, pro-business forces keep rumbling along, we current residents will be forced to envision a valley built up like Manhattan. Who will want to live here?