Letter From Char Perlas

Re: Taxpayers for fraudulent competitions?

It’s unfortunate you feel that taxpayers are wasting their money on reputable programs such as MESA. MESA has over 40 years of supporting underrepresented students to excel in the fields of Math, Engineering and Sciences and was named one of the five most innovative public programs in the nation. At Mission College, the MESA Program has assisted over 400 students and consistently transfers over 20% of its student population annually. Mr. Lam, as previously conveyed to you as well as the members of your 2nd place team, the judges of the Science and Engineering Fair were well informed that the winning team did utilize a kit for demonstrative purposes but, they had their own original hypotheses, data analysis and conclusion. The winning team did not cheat or plagiarize. The winning team won 1st place as a result of their exemplary team effort and articulate presentation.