Letter From Cathy Teves

I spoke at the June 13th meeting and was quoted by Carolyn Schuk. While my first name was misspelled, the intent was correct. We mean no disrespect to Ms. Miranda. We look forward to working with her to continue fostering the wonderful environment at Hughes. We are a strong community with great parent involvement.

Our issue is with the entire selection process. The recommendation of the Interview Committee was disregarded. This wasted their time, disrespected their input and it continues to foster the distrust of the Board. The inclusion of a Board Member, while “not unusual” for Dr. Rose, was definitely that for SCUSD and as stated previously by Ms. Schuk, “previous boards have understood direct participation in district operations to be out-of-bounds for board members. In the City of Santa Clara, elected official involvement in city hiring, contracts and daily operations is a misdemeanor and grounds for immediate removal.”