Letter from Catherine Capati

I am a mom to an 11-year-old boy with autism, writing to support Santa Clara school board members Chris Koltermann and Ina Bendis.

About four or five years ago, Ina was the only school board member who gave parents of special needs kids in Santa Clara the time of day. Chris joined the board shortly thereafter, and was instrumental in making key personnel changes that have vastly improved the lives of special needs children in our district.

I also know, from chatting with friends and neighbors, that other parents, not just special needs, are happier. Because of programs such as STEM at Cabrillo Middle School and PLUS at Peterson Middle School, parents in our district who would have sent their kids to private school starting at middle school age, now see Santa Clara schools as a viable option.

Chris and Ina really do care about all children, and I hope they are re-elected.