Letter From Carole Ferris-Greer

I would encourage all residents of Santa Clara to watch what is going on at City Hall. Recently the Mayor, City Manager and City Council have recommended and are moving forward with a Homeless Community Center and Apartment Building on the corner of Monroe St. and San Tomas Expressway. Notice of this project was only sent to residents that live 1000 feet from that corner. A project that affects hundreds of residents were not given notice of what was proposed that would surely affect our Neighborhoods and Home Values. An agreement has already been signed leasing the land ( worth 5 Million Dollars) for $1.00 a year for 57 years to the Sobrato Group. Heads up residents in Santa Clara things are moving forward that may not serve your best interests. Pay Attention to City Hall and what they are flying under the radar! There other places to build this shelter. Attend the next Homeless Community Center Meeting at City Hall Council Chambers.