Letter From Bruce La Fetra

If everything had been great in SCUSD, I’d understand the desire to turn back the clock to the recent halcyon days of the Finance staff double-dipping, a principal selling meth, and a Superintendent that told us “nothing to see here.” A majority of voters responded by demanding change and voting in two new Board members.

How about some attention from the Weekly to proficiency levels and curriculum? How many schools are below standard, for how long, and what is being done to address this? The Weekly seems to feel the voters are unconcerned. Of course, the District establishment doesn’t want light shining on their lack of accomplishment. We owe the new team time to turn things around. It’s perfectly OK to disagree, but let’s look forward to find solutions. The past wasn’t working. Protecting someone’s political turf in the District Office doesn’t concern me. The Weekly can do better.