Letter From Ann Reynolds

I could not agree more with the opinions expressed in your 4/12/17 editorial regarding our city council’s decision to raise the minimum wage.

For the record I am not in business for myself nor am I currently in the work force. But from the moment this issue started appearing on various city agendas it seemed like an inherently unfair move. Why should city government dictate a certain wage for their community? Maybe to look progressive compared to other communities? But in my mind this amounts to “taxation without representation” in another form.

And after all our city had to go through with the end of the redevelopment agency in California and the claw backs that resulted, you would think our council would understand the feeling of having important financial decisions being made from the outside with a resulting big impact on our community.

The minimum wage was not designed to be a living wage. Raising the minimum wage indiscriminately raises the prices for everyone, including those who earn the minimum wage. As you pointed out. It becomes a vicious cycle.

I urge the council to reconsider implementing the next projected raise in the minimum wage in Santa Clara. Let’s remember and appreciate the business women and men who take risks everyday striving to provide good services at a reasonable cost to our fellow citizens. Why not support instead the teaching of practical job skills in our high school electives that will allow those entering the work force a better chance to succeed in jobs that will eventually

pay them a rate above the minimum wage based on acquired skills and work experience.