Letter From Alan Eft

Measure-J a Landslide – really? In Miles Barber’s ‘Milestones’ column from May 22nd, he mentioned the many efforts of the City Council, especially Kevin Moore, in bringing the 49er’s Stadium (and now the Super Bowl) to Santa Clara. One of the first hurdles to overcome was the passage of Measure J in 2010. The vote was closer than many had predicted. And, if only 2,062 voters had changed their vote from Yes to No, it would not have passed. I never thought that passing a ballot measure with only 58.2% (about 60%) of the voters would be considered a landslide win. I also realize that same statement was made by Santa Clara’s Mayor, so maybe it was intended as a quote. But, I guess if you were one of the Yes votes, you might consider any victory a landslide. But 58.2% a Landslide? – not really.