Letter from Alan Eft

The Referendum signature collection was successful, then discussed/rejected by the City Council as non-referendable. This will probably go to Court, and be a long costly battle, for both sides.

But, the thing that I really don’t understand is the flip-flop our City Attorney, Richard Nosky, has done on this.

In accordance with another newspaper, Mr. Nosky told a SCPF spokesperson that this was referendable. So, this in effect gave that group the go ahead and gather signatures. After the effort started, he decided that it wasn’t.

So, it seems to me that this situation could have been prevented had he originally told them that it wasn’t referendable.

At Mr. Nosky’s appointment on Sep 27, 2011, Council Member McLeod stated that “There are other highly qualified candidates that I believe would be a better fit for our city.” I’m wondering if this is a validation to her statement.