Letter from Alan Eft

Miles Barber said that “Stampolis slammed the statistical odds,” and Robert Haugh stated the “School Board Sees Shocking Results.” Although I agree that it is a little surprising, I’m confident that I know a big part of why Mr. Stampolis won. Every City resident is probably aware of the expensive negative ad blitz against Mr. Stampolis – mailers and SC Weekly ads were hard to miss. Too bad the ads didn’t tell us why we should vote for the other candidates instead. But, if you watched any of the Candidate Forums (I saw three), you may agree with me that Chris Stampolis was the best presenter for the Trustee Area 2 seat. His arguments, background information and what he thought should be done far out distanced his running mates. Plus I didn’t like what I considered to be the bullying ads. Those two items helped me decide to vote for him.