Less is More – Op-ED

Staying fit in necessary for greater success in our lives. Having a great brain is not enough as our body also needs to be in great shape.

Consider eating mostly whole, minimally processed foods. Besides quality carbs and healthy fats from whole foods, eating enough lean protein and mindful eating is the best practice.

Reducing stress, sleeping well, and replacing sugary beverages with honey and water helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Among adults, minimizing the usage particularly of three whites—salt, sugar, and milk—goes a long way in boosting our vitality and vibrant lifestyle.


The use of equipment, diet advice, nutrients, and supplements may not be helpful if we consume a higher quantity of foods every day.  We need to watch our calorie intake and avoid eating from the containers.

Eating habits are the key to improve both physical and mental health.  Eating fiber-rich foods is recommended. Binge eating is one of the main problems. Snacking constantly does not help our diet program. Eating only when we are hungry especially after eating a healthy dinner, avoiding additional night snacks is a good practice. Although challenging, we should set our goal weight and keep our weight off.

There are many diet and exercise programs and pills available in the market promising us great health benefits.  Many of them work if we strictly follow their daily and weekly plans.  Nutrition experts recommend a variety of diets to consider such as – Volumetric; Keto; Vegan; Flexitarian; Raw Food; Probiotic-Rich; Noom; BistroMD; Wellvolution, and Intermittent fasting.

While one can fast any time of the year and as part of Prophetic guidance, Muslims believe in fasting on Mondays and Thursday, and the “White Days” referring to the 13th, 14th, and 15th days of the lunar month. The days are named as such due to the moon being full and the lights it reflects is at maximum.

More than anything else, we need to cut down on our portions and the size of our daily consumption, particularly our delicious ethnic foods.  In other words, we should stop overeating.

Can we get to a healthy weight and maintain it for life? Is there a secret formula for staying healthy? Of course, there is…eat less, get off the couch, get some sun and fresh air. More importantly at the minimum…go for daily long and brisk walks of twenty minutes each in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.


Dr. Mohammed Nadeem

Santa Clara, CA.