Keep Mahan’s Seat Open – Letter to the Editor

Gillmor and Watanabe play both sides off against each other, making television ads to get their version of Measure J, written by attorneys for the 49ers, passed, then courting the anti-stadium side by using the 49ers as their whipping boy and a distraction.  They are the ones who made this mess, and they did it to support a real estate speculator agenda, a patently racist agenda.  They have ballooned the City’s operating costs beyond all measure.  Patricia Mahan did support many of the same things, but she still provided an independent and reasonable voice and she did a lot of good.  Keep her seat open, do not let this Gillmor block continue to reproduce itself.  Gillmor, with her covert agendas and bait and switch governance, is the one who broke our historic government by consensus, and forced the disenfranchisement of minority voters to be remedied in court.  Vote No on their Measure C, let us stay with the court ordered 6 districts because it works and it is fair.  And let the voters, not the Gillmor faction, decide who will fill the Mahan seat.