How Hard Is It to Wear a Mask? – Letter to the Editor

One piece of cloth over your face.

The CDC first began recommending everybody to wear cloth face coverings in public in April. However, the federal government refused to make this a requirement and as a result, people continued to throw parties without the simplest protection from Covid-19: a cloth mask.

I’ve seen on Instagram dozens of people who feel that wearing a mask is an infringement of their rights or an inconvenience. These people are entitled and selfish; their comfort is more important to them than the deaths of others.


Our own president only wore a mask for the first time on July 11th. His actions or lack thereof have most likely contributed to many of his supporters’ refusal to comply with these regulations, endangering the health of their neighbors, friends, and family.

We must normalize wearing masks in public; it’s the only way our country will survive the pandemic.