From Santa Clara with love in the Silicon Valley of the Heart’s Delight – Letter to the Editor

Everybody prays and hopes for change,

Yet most of us know the game is rigged

The deck is stacked against many of us, our voices silenced by a select few


It’s like the good guys have lost and the fight was fixed

The poor stay poor the rich get richer and the middle class is on life support.

The cost of living continues to rise

The struggle continues to widen putting that dream further out of reach

Yet the elite continue to live in splendor and spoils

Everybody knows that the ship continues to sink and our captain has abandoned us.

What is happening here at home and in our hometowns is for the future….it’s  a battle of wills and whit’s

we built this city…our fathers, mothers , brothers and sisters built this city,

they built these roads, built these homes, built these dreams…..

this is a Santa Clara that developers today never knew existed.

This was a working class city driven by blue collar and white collar diversity.  Our blood sweat and tears are soaked into the earth here… The Silicon Valley of the Hearts delight is the only home that many of us know. There is a mass exodus in our hometown, many emigrating to better frontiers.

Developers,  they now come to build new steel and glass canyons, entire blocks that are literally half in the past and half in the future. One foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, neglecting today.

New Buildings tower over old neighborhoods disregarding harmony

They pillaged our heart and destroyed our downtown to abandon our soul and identity.

Today we are torn between corporate entities, developers and corrupt leaders.

In words of Billy Joel, We didn’t start this fire, we been trying to fight it

Most look down at you… most look down at me….  Those that look down on us act as royals

With our current status quo of leadership there seems to be the illusion of free will and transparency. Remember truth over false prophets.

We are the eyes, the ears, the beating heart of this town

Remember your roots, remember those before you, remember how you got here

This is my home, this is your home, this is our home

Fight for it, fight for Santa Clara