For those of us who wear the badge of honor – Letter to the Editor

As a law enforcement officer for almost 32 years, I have seen many changes within the field of law enforcement — some bad, but most of the changes have been for the good of law enforcement. When we take the oath, we promise to protect and serve all citizens in the state in which we work and live and to safeguard their rights in all lanners. We know at times the job can be very frustrating and demanding — but let us not forget who we are and where we come from — we all share a common bond, a family of trust and honor. Let us not forget our chiefs and sheriffs, for they are in some cases our fathers and mothers — they are the backbone of our profession — we need their strength, courage and wisdom — without them, we do not function. Some of us have taken the oath to protect and serve both in the military and in law enforcement — we are proud to be part of this family, who’s goal is to always protect and serve. We wear the badge with pride, honesty, trust and, above all, we wear this base with honor.

I wish all law enforcement personnel the best — remember, think smart and always be safe.


Respectfully and with Honor


Ron Maleti

Deputy Sheriff

Badge #526, SO, SMCO