Corporate Solutions to Climate Change – Letter to the Editor

As dark clouds plume from the flames in the rainforests of Brazil, the world is once again reminded of the climate change’s exigency. We often blame this global crisis on corporations like oil giant ExxonMobil, making economic development the antithesis of eco-consciousness. However, these seemingly disparate concepts can be reconciled.

As an avid outdoorsman, I always try to make the most environmentally friendly decisions. Browsing the latest Patagonia catalog, I discovered something inspirational that may be of interest to our local companies: Patagonia was donating 1% of their revenue to grassroots environmental organizations, and it has been a leader in corporate social responsibility since the late 20th century. Recently, they even closed stores to encourage employees to participate in the climate strike.

Most importantly, their philosophy proves that America can change corporate culture to reflect the 21st century’s biggest challenge: climate change. It’s time to start prioritizing green over greed.