Conspiracy – Letter to the Editor

Sources close to the Santa Clara News and City Clerk Haggag have boasted that they are aware of the Russian collusion involving the Popeye Chicken sandwich story. Within the secret meetings held in the community room at Levi’s, a team of Russian and Ukranian scientists developed a chicken sandwich worth rioting over, with help from Jim Mercurio who owns stock in Popeye’s. The purpose is clear, massive civil disruption timed just in time for the Police Chief’s election. Too many Hillary Clinton backers will sell out to Trump for access to Popeye’s sandwiches. Charter Review Committee members with hapless Commissioner Biagini’s backing are planning to recommend Popeye’s Chicken Restaurants in Council Districts. Jude Barry has guaranteed 9 story Popeye’s Chicken to replace Birk’s. Hey, America, stop rioting, it is just a stupid sandwich!