City Calendar for 2020 Year – Letter to the Editor

Perhaps it is just we older longtime residents, accustomed to using a paper monthly annual calendar upon which we make our daily appointments and watch for reminders of our City events, especially Council meetings and the like, that we miss not receiving a City Calendar this year.  Not just my household but also my neighbors.

We are not in the habit or yet accustomed to carrying our brains and filing cabinet around in a small hand-held device, so we actually use the City paper calendar.

I note that in recent years each home owners’ copy is being delivered later and later and the paper quality seems to be of a lower grade too.


Here we are, first week into the New Year and no sign of this year’s issue.  Follow-up enquiries with the City advise that if a copy has not been received in the next twenty days we are to call back … far from a satisfactory solution … little things do matter !

Slowly but surely, our once great little City is slowly sinking into mediocrity … we once were the best managed City in the South Bay, but no longer.