Bike Lane – Letter to the Editor

Dear Elected Officials:

I like you folks but I have come to gripe about my neighborhood.

Four years ago, the Sunnyvale City Council approved a bicycle lane on Maude Ave.


Recently, the bicycle lane was partially completed East of Sunnyvale Ave. For the most part, it is a line down the side of the street. The bike lane is a parking lot. I recently counted 76 vehicles parked in the bike lane between Bayview and Fair Oaks.

Public Works says that they cannot do anything, because the Council’s direction was to paint a line on the side of the road and wait six months to evaluate parking.

It takes four and a half years to paint one line on the side of the road and figure out that doesn’t work well as a bike lane.

Suggestion: if Public Works were empowered to engage in “Quick Build” projects they could have painted a line on Maude and figured out that removing the street parking was infeasible back in the Obama administration.

This process does not inspire confidence in Sunnyvale’s ability to function effectively. It reflects poorly upon our leadership. I am eager to see if we can get a workable solution on Maude Ave before President Trump leaves office.


Thank You,


Yogais Youth