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Give Yourself a Gift…

Give Yourself a Gift...

An intimate jewelry and gift show was offered by PrimeXpo, LLC on February 25 through 27 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. From upscale “Jacob’s” (, buyers and sellers of antique, estate and modern jewelry, to many exhibitors from around the world it was a global marketplace. Debbie McIntosh-Williams, the member/founder of PrimeXpo, states that their mission is “to promote small businesses from the United States and around the world. In struggling times it is important to assist the small business owner. Also at every show in different cities they donate a part of their proceeds to various charities.

Vendors sold loose beads of all kinds and beading supplies to hobbyists, who prefer to make their own jewelry, along with necklaces and bracelets made of unique objects such as carved cow horn and mahjong tiles. “The Art Floral Trading Company, LLC” offered a variety of beautiful handmade clay flowers. Air-dried polymer clay is shaped and painted by Thailand villagers to help supplement their income.

Unique among the show vendors was a booth advertising the Shen Yun Performing Arts performance on April 8-10, 2011 in San Jose, Ca. ( Shen Yun Performing Arts is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to revive traditional Chinese culture, almost destroyed by the Cultural Revolution, through dance and music. The orchestra blends traditional Chinese and Western instruments, animated backdrops, projected behind the dancers of Chinese landscapes, and dancer’s colorful costumes, all of which combine to make this company the world’s premier classical dance and music company.

If you missed this PrimeXpo, LLC show it will return to the Santa Clara Convention Center August 26-28, 2011. (


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